2023 Annual Impact Report

Creation, Food , Health

Contributed by: Thrive for Good


Each year, I cherish springtime for the changing of seasons and to witness so much around us come to life. I also cherish the season as we can provide you with our Annual Impact Report. It too highlights and shows the many areas at Thrive for Good that are blossoming and growing.  

As we continue our journey of ending malnutrition together, 2023 was another year of remarkable growth, impact, and resilience. I am honoured for what we have achieved together. Most notably, 188,763 people are growing and eating healthy food from their gardens in 2023. Not only are we solving food insecurity for people around the world, but Thrive gardens are also bringing health and disease-fighting nutrients. Recently we conducted a short case study at a school in Uganda and witnessed a 90% reduction in malaria cases for students. That is incredible! 

Our Annual Impact Report dives deep into the heart of our work over the past year, highlighting the stories of individuals and communities whose lives have been transformed through our partners and the Life Garden initiatives you support. From working in prisons, empowering early childhood development centers, and celebrating 15 years, to incredible fundraising campaigns, every page is a testament to the power of collective action and compassion.

I invite you to grab a cup of herbal tea and take a few moments to reflect on the impact you have been a part of. I hope you enjoy it!

With gratitude,


James Woller

International Executive Director

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