Caroline’s Testimony: Defeating Diabetes

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Contributed by: Thrive for Good


My names are Caroline Chebet Chepkwony.

I was diagnosed with diabetes, then some abdominal pains, and I had a tumor. I have a tumor in my left side of the head. By then, I had severe headaches.

I met my trainer last year, April, in a facility called St. Francis Special School, where he was doing some other projects in that school. That is when I saw the work he was doing. It was good.

When I met Emmanuel early that April, I explained to him. He told me that is a simple thing to go through. I’ll just give you some herbals. And he prepared the same same day in that evening.

I took, we all took a cup of, it was a glass of the herbal that was prepared. And from there is when I picked it up.

I took it for almost 8 months, from April to December, last year, 2023. There was a big difference.

I’ve been going in and out of hospital for checkups. I saw some good results. 

The doctor said, “What kind of medicine are you using?” 

I told him, “I have a friend who is a herbalist who is doing the work.”

They said, “Then we have to show us.”

I brought one of the nurses to Emmanuel and they talked. Because my pressures have been being checked every weekly or monthly, they were stable. 

The sugars were now stable. I don’t suffer from abdominal pains. The headaches due to tumor issues, I don’t have any headache.

Apart from the herbs, I do get my vegetables right from my own farm. Being I’m also a farmer, a small farmer. I do farming, vegetable, pure vegetable. And apart from eating, I also sell part of the vegetable to the farmer, so I get some income.

I do organic farming. The animals that I do rear, I get the manure from the animals direct to my farm.

We don’t need to use the chemicals or we introduce the chemicals into our farms because that is what brings into our body the tropical diseases that kills us. 

I’d advise any other person around the country or even worldwide to use a Thrive methodology to go about the organic farming because that is what heals us.