Christianity, Poverty and Wealth in the 21st Century

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Contributed by: Canadian Poverty Institute

The project on Christianity, Poverty and Wealth in the 21st Century originated in the context of ongoing discussions within Aprodev about the distinctive character of the agencies as “Christian”, “church related”, and “ecumenical”. The issue came up, for example, in the process called Discerning the Way Together, the book written by Michael Taylor called Not Angels but Agencies, in the contribution made by Aprodev to the WCC debate on a Common Understanding and Vision, and in the report presented to the 1997 Annual Meeting of Aprodev. Earlier, similar issues were discussed in the WCC programme Towards a Church in Solidarity with the Poor, and in the context of the WCC programme on Ecumenical Sharing of Resources.

The original proposal for the project was presented at the Aprodev Annual Meeting in Stuttgart, May 1997, by Michael Taylor. After having heard the discussion, he elaborated the idea in a more formal proposal. This paper was sent to all Aprodev agencies for comments, discussed by the Executive Committee in August 1997, and further elaborated by Michael Taylor and the Secretariat in October 1997.

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Christianity, Poverty, and Wealth in the 21st Century

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