Compelled by love, rooted in faith, and driven by an unshakeable belief in human dignity, Global Aid Network (GAiN) partners with vulnerable communities to bring about lasting whole-person transformation resulting in vibrant, flourishing, hope-filled communities for generations. 

As a worldwide humanitarian relief and development non-profit organization, GAiN reveals hope and restores life to people living in crisis and injustice. Syrian families who have lost everything are supported and given an opportunity to hear the unconditional love of Jesus for the first time. Villages in need of clean water receive a deep-capped water well, hygiene and sanitation training, gender sensitivity training, and the opportunity to hear about the Living Water, restoring health, hope and healing to the community. The story of Jesus is shared and a healthy meal is served to Paraguayan children who depend on this as their only nourishment, both spiritually and physically. Widows and orphans who have been pushed aside by society are taken in and deeply cared for. Local indigenous churches are mobilized and equipped to share Jesus with so many living in darkness today! 

GAiN believes that physical, spiritual, social, and economic brokenness is restored through the transforming power of Jesus Christ, both in grace and truth.