A Free Curriculum That Explores Poverty & Justice At JustUs, we are passionate about equipping youth leaders, young people, and adults of all ages with the knowledge and tools to become agents of change who will help transform our world for the better.

JustUs was created out of the collaboration and partnership between The Wellspring Foundation and The Elevation Project (a program of Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited). These two organizations are passionate about seeing lives changed through education – both in Africa, and here in Canada.

The reality is that we live in a broken and unjust world, however, we believe that equipping young people with a global perspective and a fuller understanding of issues such as poverty and social justice is key in developing the next generation of informed and engaged global citizens. The Wellspring Foundation and The Elevation Project have worked together to develop materials and a curriculum that address these issues and can assist in this process in a variety of settings.

In our five-part video series, we look at topics such as worldview and unpack how it impacts the way we approach issues such as poverty. We explore what God actually says about justice and talk about how we can be a part of true transformational change in the world!

The video series is aimed at anyone interested in poverty & justice issues – senior high youth groups, church small groups, missions/service teams, etc.

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