COVID-19: Impact on Food Insecurity

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Contributed by: World Renew

Life was already fragile.

When soldiers descended on your village, threatening your life unless you left, you only had one decision to make. You took your family, and you ran – somewhere, anywhere. 

When a hurricane destroyed everything you owned, it was nearly impossible to know how to move forward or take care of your family, but you tried. You had to try.

When the rains you had relied on for generations no longer fell as they used to and the crops you rely on to feed your family failed, you needed to find food somehow or from someone. 

And then, a pandemic hit.

Whether you are running from conflict, devastated by disaster, or crippled by drought, having enough food and water to live is the one essential, and the pandemic has made food supply chains more challenging to operate.

For millions in the world, food had already become a luxury. One in ten people in the world woke up this morning without knowing where their next meal might come from.

And experts are predicting that the number of people experiencing food crises in the world may double because of COVID-19. We are deeply concerned by this, and have committed ourselves to helping change this reality by working with local partners, who are working harder than ever in countries around the world to provide food to those who are hungry.

In light of the devastating impacts that COVID-19 is having around the world, we all need to doubly commit to ensuring that the world’s most vulnerable families have food.

In some places, like Colombia, World Renew partners are able to provide cash cards that can be used to purchase food from local markets. Since these cards hold cash electronically, no physical distributions are necessary, meaning that this essential assistance can continue.

Additionally, because of the difficult economic circumstances caused by COVID-19, these cards provide an economic boost to local vendors. In other places, like Lebanon, a combination of food vouchers for use in local stores, and supplemental food delivery is helping families through this time of increased food insecurity.

Working with local partners to ensure an appropriate method of response to hunger within each unique community is always an essential consideration. During a global pandemic, working with local partners with their local expertise is an especially important strategy. Please pray for those who faithfully and courageously serve their communities right now, for their safety and protection, and for strength.

PHOTO CAPTION: Venezuelan refugees receiving cash cards in Colombia

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