Free Course: The Sanctuary Course – Promoting Mental Wellbeing during Covid-19

Self, Education , Mental Health , Support

Contributed by: Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries

To support mental wellbeing in this season, The Sanctuary Course is free of charge.

Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries recognizes the need for access to online mental health resources in this season, and so we are happy to make The Sanctuary Course available for free. Simply use the code “mentalhealth” at checkout to receive a 100% discount for the next month (discount code expires April 18, 2020).

We also recognize the need for community and relational support during anxious times. This course is intended for use in small groups, and so now more than ever we ask that you gather online with friends or your church community to engage with the material together. A guide to best practices for online gatherings is now available on the Course Welcome page