Hunger is Trending Upward

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Contributed by: Fraser Valley Gleaners


A Canadian news article caught my eye on the world wide web – “Items You Will Miss At The Grocery Store This Winter.”  As I read the article the news portion indicated that, due to the high cost of supply and demand and lack of product with the labour shortage in North America – we are going to be annoyed that we will not be able to readily purchase items like:

  1. Canned goods – due to an aluminum shortage.
  2. Turkeys over 15 kg – due to smaller turkeys under 15 kg are more desirable because of smaller gatherings meeting this holiday season.
  3. Chicken shortage – due to costs of higher grain prices.
  4. Pet food – due to higher grain prices and shortage of commodities.
  5. “Lunchables” (a variety snack pack) – due to increased demand and shortage of food items.
  6. Bottled water – due to labour shortage and supply issues.
  7. Cleaning supplies – due to supply and demand.
  8. Ready to Eat Meals like Mac/Cheese, precooked rice, packaged convenience food.

Growing up in a small farming community in the Fraser Valley where everyone has vegetable gardens or have a few extra animals on their property – I looked over the list and wasn’t too worried about the list of items I won’t see at my local grocery store.  Yes, I am sure some people will be bothered by this inconvenience.  We are so used to having “EVERYTHING” in this country at our fingertips in significant abundance.

What about developing countries that have little to nothing?  This year has been devastating to many countries.  Hunger was trending upward even before the COVID-19 pandemic, which exacerbated existing effects from extreme climate events, conflict, and other shocks to economic opportunities.

According to the “World Food Program (WFP)”  –  “48 countries show a significant number of people running out of food or reducing their consumption. Reduced calorie intake and compromised nutrition threaten gains in poverty reduction and health and could have lasting impacts on the cognitive development of young children.” 

COVID-19 is estimated to have dramatically increased the number of people facing acute food insecurity in 2020-2021. WFP estimates that 272 million people are already or are at risk of becoming acutely food-insecure in the countries where it operates. 

Thanksgiving was celebrated in our country this past weekend – A time where we reflect and are thankful and grateful for God’s abundance.   At Fraser Valley Gleaners we are able to produce a soup mix from that abundance.   We live in a very productive area of Canada and are able to produce more than 15 million soup servings for world relief.  We are committed to helping faith-based organizations who are working in these developing countries by donating a nutritious, packaged soup mix to help with the projects they are working on.  To God be the Glory.  


Elaine Goosen – part of the staff team at Fraser Valley Gleaners