Jean Pier’s Story

Self, Community Development , Stories

Contributed by: Compassion Canada

“Even though gunshots and gang fights seem to be the norm in my community, I’m convinced that I’m part of a chosen generation. My life wouldn’t be the same without the Compassion centre and the Bible teachings. I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I’ve found here, like caring tutors and a supporting sponsor. I also became a barber through the centre.”

15-year-old Jean Pier in Honduras became a barbershop master through classes at the Compassion centre. Now he’s employed part-time at a barbershop where he is sought out by gang members for his stylish cuts. He takes every chance to share the Word of God with them and invite them to church! Once a month, he cuts the Compassion children’s hair for free. He’s saving up his earnings from the barbershop to support his mom, pay his high school fees and save up for university.