Others, Addictions , Homelessness

Contributed by: Union Gospel Mission

“Being connected to families facing poverty or dealing with addiction can be a roller coaster. It’s hard not to become invested in their future. I’ve witnessed how quickly people can end up in insecure housing situations, teetering on the edge of homelessness, and how often that can lead to family separation. Knowing that you will listen to their struggles and meet them where they are at gives them a message of hope, and that you value them and their future. ” — Love, Your Neighbour Jessica

Jessica knows how tough it can be to walk alongside struggling families through both their highest successes, and deepest setbacks. Every day, her compassionate heart shines through her work at Mom2Mom, an organization that improves the lives of children living in poverty by supporting moms. Because of Jessica’s team’s fierce determination, hope is being restored to the countless single mothers who walk through their doors.

Every day, the painful effects of poverty, homelessness, and addiction extend to a struggling person’s loved ones and to those working to support them —but too often, the conversation doesn’t. It’s time we change that.

Love, Your Neighbour 💌 is a space for you to share your story. With your voice, we can destigmatize the conversation, and learn to love our neighbours with the kind of compassion that changes lives. If poverty, etc, has affected your life, leave some encouraging words for those still experiencing this.