Leading the Lost in Prison

God, Evangelism

Contributed by: Crossroads Prison Ministries

I became a follower quite a few years before coming to jail. I was raised Orthodox and have since become a Messianic Jew, but like so man others, I slowly faded away from truly following in Jesus’s footsteps. I loved Him from a distance.

It wasn’t until I was imprisoned that I started listening to the guidance of the Spirit, and started comforting brothers and praying with them and for them. In the time that I spent studying through the teachings of Crossroads Bible Studies, I was sharpened. I now lead our Bible studies, bringing the Lord to others who previously didn’t believe.

I’ve watched God do many miracles and healings of prisoners and guards. I’ve seen men give their lives to Christ. I have come to an understanding that with the help fo Crossroads and the leading of the Holy Spirit, I will one day, God willing, earn my freedom. When I do, I will start a ministry to help my brothers and sisters in prison, and those who have backslidden; grabbing on to them for Christ so they do not fall away as victims to the vices of the adversary.

Crossroads held on to me and I will return the favour in kind. I am wrongfully convicted, yet happy to do the work God has sent me to do while I’m incarcerated. It has especially given me a chance to get back to focusing on the Lord.

Thank you to all of you at Crossroads. May the Father Almighty grant you your hearts’ desires through His Mighty Son Jesus.

Gerald’s name has been changed to protect his privacy. Photo by Joe on Unsplash.


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