Light in the Little Things

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Contributed by: Connecting Streams


The other day I was facing spiritual attack and was feeling quite bogged down by heavy and distracting thoughts.

In the late afternoon, I took the dog we are taking care of out for a walk. In the next cul de sac over, I was gleefully approached by a couple of little girls who asked if they could pet the dog.

“Does he jump?” “No”, “Does he lick?” “Sometimes.” (Giggling and looking up at me) “he’s sniffing my shoes!”

Two other children came along wanting to pet the dog too and started telling me about their day at school. One girl asked, “Where do you live,” “Are you married?” “Do you have any children?” “Do you want children?” “How many?” All the while, these 4 little faces were happily looking at the dog and stroking his back.

In the midst of my darkness, Jesus met me with unexpected light.

For all those that we reach in Connecting Streams, we are like these children to them. Taking the time to stop and say hello, to ask questions, give a smile, and ultimately to bring the presence of Jesus into their darkness.


Emily Lecerf
City Team Lead, Edmonton


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