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“My daughter called me from treatment when she was allowed to make her first call. When I heard her say ‘Hi,’ I cried… It was the first time hearing her sober in over 10 years. That was in 2009—she hasn’t relapsed once! My daughter was the only one in our family who had the guts, self-discipline, and sheer will-power to break 4 generations of addiction. I couldn’t be prouder! Telling people that I love her and am so proud of her doesn’t seem like enough!” — Love, Your Neighbour Lorraine

Lorraine doesn’t just love her daughter because she is a kind, compassionate woman. She loves her daughter because of her tremendous grit and determination. Lorraine’s daughter has triumphed over inter-generational addiction that stole her grandfather, dad, and uncle. Today, she’s a small business owner, and is known in the community for helping others who are in the fight of their lives, lovingly navigating others through the inevitable ups and downs of addiction, and talking through the complex and overwhelming root causes that lead to homelessness and addiction.

Every day, the painful effects of poverty, homelessness, and addiction extend to a struggling person’s loved ones—but too often, the conversation doesn’t. It’s time we change that.

Love, Your Neighbour 💌 is a space for you to share your story. With your voice, we can destigmatize the conversation, and learn to love our neighbours with the kind of compassion that changes lives. If addiction, poverty or homelessness has affected your life, leave some encouraging words for those still experiencing this. #LoveYourNeighbour