Loving our Neighbours in the Everyday Moments

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Contributed by: Inner Hope Youth Ministries

With the COVID-19 crisis, Inner Hope’s support is ever-changing. Several of our youth and parents have been laid off work. We work with a community that experiences lower immune tolerance and many of our community members live in high density situations (due to the housing prices in Vancouver). Anxiety is very high at this time. Several people have been reaching out with concerns about rent, child care, and getting groceries to loved ones. Our work does not stop during a crisis – rather it changes form. We are currently working to address our community’s rising needs while ensuring our critical programs and services continue – as safely as possible. 

As of April, no members of the Inner Hope community have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Staff are taking precautions: working from home as much as possible, supporting most individuals online or by phone, cleaning facilities daily and canceling all in-person group gatherings.

Our community members are also reaching out with encouragement. 

If you’ve been following Inner Hope on Facebook, you’ll have seen the encouraging videos that our community have been sharing with us – and each other: two of our youth just started new jobs, one mom is using her time in isolation to spend quality time with her children and quit smoking, and two young people are taking the time to practice baking. Supporters have also reached out to provide our community with essentials like thermometers, kleenex boxes, toilet paper, soap and sanitary gloves. It is such a blessing to see so many people reacting with hope and kindness in the midst of turbulence. 

Today, we want to share our hope with you, and thank you for the part you play in this community.