Lucas’s Story

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Contributed by: Union Gospel Mission

“I was never afraid of people who looked homeless, but I never really knew why this was happening. Sometimes I thought maybe they were born homeless… Now that I’ve learned about homelessness, I don’t think that anymore.”

10-year-old Lucas is an everyday hero! Curious about the causes of homelessness, Lucas came for an eye-opening trip to UGM and left determined to take action. He put his baking skills to the test, and then rallied his family and friends to support his bake sale. Thanks to Lucas, 6 guests were provided with a night of safe shelter and hearty breakfast.

“Now that I know about UGM, I feel the responsibility to help the homeless even more. I wanted to do the bake sale to help end homelessness… people don’t deserve to be homeless. We should do all we can to help them…and to tell more people about homelessness at the same time.”

“When I see people experiencing homelessness I feel like they don’t deserve to be homeless. They are probably in a lot of pain, and it makes me feel sad, like I have a responsibility to help them.”