New Growth With the Young Adults

Others, Addictions , Recovery

Contributed by: Inner Hope Youth Ministries

This year, the Post-Secondary program is full. Our young adults are setting some fantastic goals and are making huge strides when it comes to achieving them. This spring we asked Samantha, our Post-Secondary coordinator, to share about her first few months of working with the young adults. 

“My favourite part of being in my role is building relationships with the young adults. I love having moments when they share their stuff with me – sometimes it’s a crisis but often it’s good news. They call me up with their successes – the things they are proud of. 


One of my favourite stories is about a young adult, let’s call him Ethan, who I was told I should go out for coffee with by another participant.  

When Ethan got to the coffee shop he was obviously nervous. He was very shaky and could not stop shifting and fidgeting. Wanting to get him to relax I offered to treat him to anything in the shop. He ended up just wanting a cookie. 

So we sat down, me with my coffee and he with his cookie. Somehow as I sat there I was almost over compensating in my relaxation. And, as we talked, Ethan began to open up, revealing that he had just experienced a huge falling out with his family. This had threatened his living situation and he had spent the last few days sleeping in a park.

In the span of our conversation he went from shaking and nervous to filled with calm. At the end I prayed with him.

Since then, we have helped him find housing and he joined the Post-Secondary program. He has become really involved and we have been able to work well with him, addressing one key issue at a time.

I really enjoy this role. I am doing work that I have always felt that I ought to be doing. It’s what Jesus did. One thing that I have noticed is that worship matters more than it ever did before. I need God to show up in a way that I haven’t before and I love it.”

Isaiah 25:1

Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.