Southern Africa Connections Tour

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Contributed by: World Renew


“Sometimes it just takes individuals to help start the mobilization process, and then pretty soon the community has come together and are gathering around to work together to solve a problem.” -Faye Yu, Program Consultant, Malawi

In Southern Africa, and everywhere we minister, World Renew staff are passionate about living the light of God’s truth – believing¬†that God’s Word is truly a light unto our path in every area of life. The people of Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique have unique stories: recovering from flood, drought and war. And as team leader Steve Sywulka speaks of his work and calling to Southern Africa, we hear an echo God’s love for people in Steve’s words:

“We are looking at how the Bible can impact every aspect of a person’s life: how they treat their spouse, how they farm, how they run their business, how they serve their community or their nation.”