Step Up Construction

Others, Community , Employment

Contributed by: Inner City Youth Alive

This video highlights the positive impact of providing jobs to youth through Step Up Construction, a social enterprise in Winnipeg’s North End. Offering jobs is seen as a high form of charity as it fosters long-term personal and community growth. The program equips young people with job-ready skills while supporting their faith and personal relationships. The supportive work environment is likened to a family where mistakes are part of learning, and no one is ever fired permanently.

Crew Members and Leaders emphasize the importance of character development, discipline, and perseverance gained through work. These traits help them handle real-world challenges more effectively. The program’s impact extends beyond individual growth, helping reunite families and encouraging young men to take leadership roles in their homes. Testimonials from participants reveal a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work, inspiring other Indigenous youth to envision better futures for themselves.