Succeeding in Community

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Contributed by: GAiN


Elisa makes traditional Paraguayan fast foods and sells them door-to-door in her community. Diaconia, Global Aid Network (GAiN)’s partner in Paraguay, has helped Elisa to invest in and expand her business greatly. Diaconia’s micro-finance project is part of GAiN’s Economic Empowerment core strategy, which helps empower women entrepreneurs, providing them with resources to start their own businesses and other income generating activities.

Elisa is grateful for the progress she has made since receiving loans from Diaconía and for the ability to better provide for her two children. One of the things she is most proud of, though, is paying off all of her debts in the nearby convenience stores and she no longer has to purchase necessary items on credit.

While she dreams of having her own restaurant, Elisa still finds joy in her current work. “I love going out and socializing and I make money while I do it,” she commented. Diaconia sets up women, like Elisa, into support groups where they can learn, be part of a community. helping them achieve success and thrive in their business. With the 16 other women in her group “Together We Will Progress,” Elisa has formed a supportive community that celebrates with her in the good times and accompanies her through the difficult ones. She has experienced community and freedom like never before and that has inspired her to dream even bigger.

Elisa’s dream is to have her own restaurant where she can serve more people and eventually hire others who need work.