They Named Her Rebeca – because it means ‘a wonderful woman’

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Contributed by: EduDeo Ministries

When Rebeca’s mother and father reflect on her time at school, she smiles. She doesn’t even have to wait to hear what they are going to say.  

She smiles because she knows she makes them proud.  

“Rebeca is really good in her studies,” says her mother, Aurora. She laughs as she says, “Sometimes, I tell her, ‘don’t go to school today!’ But I can’t stop her.”  

Rebeca’s favourite subject is math, and her parents boast about her skills in school. “I don’t tell her to get good grades, she just gets them!” says Aurora. “Sometimes she’s studying at 1AM… she keeps me up!”  

But it isn’t just Rebeca’s excellence in school that makes her parents proud. They’re also proud of everything else her school is teaching her  –  and how it’s shaping her into a wonderful woman.  

“It has been wonderful to see,” says Rebeca’s father, Eddy. “I have seen her grow in her spiritual life and in reading the Bible. One of the things that’s influenced her in her Christian life is the school – the Christian school.”  

In fact, Professor Jose, a former teacher at Bautista Libertad was Rebeca’s favourite teacher. He led her and her classmates through Christian Studies class and walked with them throughout all of elementary school.  

When Rebeca thinks about the one thing Professor Jose taught her that still remains with her, she says: “Always put God first. God loves us and He sent His Son to die for us. He gave us this gift.” Because when children attend a Christ-centred school, they don’t just learn math, and they don’t just learn the Bible. They develop skills to integrate the two in every aspect of their life. They learn to put God first. To live up to and into the calling of ‘Christian.’  

You don’t have to ask Rebeca’s parents if she is living up to and into that calling. You don’t have to ask them if they’re proud of her. All you have to do is see the way they look at her. All you have to do is listen to them talk about her.  

“When Rebeca was born, we were looking for a Bible name,” says Aurora. “Our first daughter… neither of her names come from the Bible. But both of Rebeca’s come from the Bible. We thought ‘Rebeca’ was a good name because of the meaning. It means ‘a wonderful woman.’”