Thrive for Good Overview

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Contributed by: Thrive for Good


Despite growing global wealth, malnutrition persists, even in regions with fertile soil and a favorable climate.

Our world needs a new model that tackles the root causes of malnutrition. For over 15 years, Thrive for Good has been teaching people who are living in extreme poverty a sustainable, holistic approach to address the food and nutrition needs of their communities with a four-pillar methodology.

First, we teach regenerative farming practices that transform soil to grow healthy, organic vegetables.

Next, we teach how to grow and utilize a variety of nutritious crops to eliminate malnutrition.

Third, we train people how to grow herbs and other plants that act as natural medicines, eradicating diseases such as malaria.

Finally, we empower people to sell the surplus to sustain their gardens without continued financial support.

It’s the integration of these four pillars that has been so impactful.

After providing training and resources to communities in suffering parts of the world, they quickly become self-sufficient, no longer needing our support. That’s what makes Thrive For Good different.

According to the UN’s Agriculture Division, it costs nearly $1,500 per year to feed one person a healthy diet in a developing country.

But for a one-time investment of $15, you can empower that person with a garden they will use to feed their family and community, nutritious disease-fighting food for life – sustainably.

This is a big initiative. We need your help to impact more lives than ever before. Help us create a world where everyone can thrive. Together, we can make a difference.