Thrive for Good & St. Francis School for the Hearing Impaired

Creation, Food , Health

Contributed by: Thrive for Good


I’m Sister Magdaline Mwaniki from St. Francis School for Hearing Impaired.

Before I came to learn about Thrive, we had many problems with sickness. We used to take learners to the hospital most of the time.

But the moment we learned about it and we had classes, we started with the learners, the gardens, whereby we started producing vegetables of different types, and we used to add as well as we used the medicinal plants that helped us reduce from 20,000 Kenya shillings (150 USD) to 3,700 Kenya shillings (28 USD) hospital bill (per month).

They were very, very happy enjoying the digging and preparing the land. We planted different types of vegetables. 

And as the community were passing by, they would see the flowering plants. They came and asked questions on how we started. We told them we started by double digging, preparing the land well, whereby it was 5 by 20 feet.

After that, they went and also started in their own farms. We just get our food from our garden here. They don’t go for vegetables in the market. We just get it from our own shamba (garden).

After learning about medicinal plants, whereby we planted artemisia, rosemary, we used to prepare for the learners or for the children that artemisia we would take.

After that, we continued using the organic vegetables, which are very natural, that have no toxin giving it to the body.

And so the sicknesses went down. There’s a very big difference between people using organic foods and those using the fertilizers that we were using before.

You find that their bodies are healthy. They look more hardisome or beautiful than it used to happen before. So I would call each and every person to come in for organic farming.

Thank you.