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Contributed by: Yonge Street Mission

This past year, YSM has seen generous support from our community in helping street youth stabilize and build stronger futures.

We were able to open the doors of our new YSM Evergreen Centre for Street Youth where vulnerable youth can access programs and support that help them move off the streets and towards a brighter, independent future.

The need continues to be great and you are providing youth with a warm and safe alternative to the streets, a place where they can begin their journey to change. Youth like *Tiffany, who stepped into the new YSM Evergreen Nursery earlier this year after her social worker told her about our services. Our staff was able to sit with Tiffany and quickly learned that she was living in a nearby shelter with her 6 month old son. We were able to provide much needed baby formula and winter essentials for both mom and son.

Tiffany is getting to know the staff and is encouraged by their support. She has been visiting more frequently and recently joined us for a warm meal and to access our health centre.

While 2018 proved to be a tough year for Tiffany, she has found hope that she will be able to regain control of her life and find a job that will help her provide a better future for her young son.  

*Name and photo have been changed to protect privacy


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Your 2018 Support in Action