Vanessa’s Story

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Contributed by: Crossroads Prison Ministries

“The Great Truth and Survey of the Bible studies helped me grow spiritually.”

I was born in a Christian family, but I wasn’t born again until 2014. I believed God was there, but God didn’t take a place in my life. It was all about drinking, partying, and having fun with friends. In the end, all the things that I thought were fun got me to prison.

My life was a mess. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. And then, in 2014, a reverend came and taught us how to live in “the Kingdom of Heaven, while we’re still on earth.”

After listening to him preach, I repented of all my sins and gave my life to Jesus, and asked Him to forgive my sins. Jesus never says no to anybody who comes to him, so Jesus accepted me as His child, forgave my sins, and told me “I have been waiting for you to come back.”

I decided to be baptized. Since then, I live in peace and joy, and give everything to God. I let Him be the Lord in my life, so I don’t need to be worried about anything of this world.

As a Christian, I think we need to put on the full armour of God. We need to plant the seed of salvation and the Sword of the Spirit in our heart, which is the Word of God, so that we can withstand the devil.

The Great Truth and Survey of the Bible studies helped me grow spiritually. To my mentors, thank you for your time and effort — especially your patience in checking my work. Your comments have encouraged me with the words of the Lord. I’ve been blessed to share the love of God with you all. May God be with you.


Photo by Fátima Fuentes on Unsplash. Vanessa’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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