70-Year-Old Founder Hikes Bruce Trail to Combat World Hunger

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Contributed by: Thrive for Good


Dale Bolton, the 70-year-old founder of Thrive for Good, has embarked on an inspiring journey to hike all 900 kilometers of the renowned Bruce Trail. 

Bolton’s inspirational journey will take place over 15 weeks, devoting two consecutive days per week to cover 30 kilometers each day. With approximately 36,000 steps and at least 8 hours of walking and hiking daily, Dale’s journey began near Niagara Falls on May 26th and will conclude in Owen Sound by September 3rd, “weather permitting.” His wife Linda, Founder and CEO of Natural Calm Canada and co-founder of Bolton’s Naturals, will support him throughout the expedition.

“This adventure takes me back to my roots as a kid when I enjoyed hiking in the bush and spending time alone,” said Bolton. “I am grateful for the support and love of my wonderful wife, Linda, without whom this wouldn’t be possible.”

His challenge serves to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Thrive for Good, a nonprofit established by Dale and Linda to help alleviate extreme poverty, especially in Africa, and to raise awareness and funds for the ongoing fight against global malnutrition.

Thrive for Good was founded in 2008 following a life-changing trip to Malawi. Witnessing the conditions faced by children in an orphanage they had previously supported, the couple realized the need for more sustainable solutions. They discovered that growing nutritious food was crucial to ending hunger and malnutrition. 

Inspired by this vision, Dale acquired the skills of sustainable, organic farming in Kenya, eventually establishing a training center in Kitale. Thrive for Good was born from this foundation, as community leaders were equipped with the knowledge to grow “Life Gardens” and spread transformative skills throughout towns, churches, schools, and even prisons. Since its inception, Thrive for Good has made significant strides in transforming communities across 17 countries, impacting over 130,000 individuals.

The Boltons have generously donated $3.5 million over the years to Thrive for Good, aligning with their passion for natural health and commitment to helping the world’s poorest communities. “Today, billions of people worldwide struggle to provide three healthy meals daily for their families,” said Dale. “Our mission is to make a difference and ensure everyone has access to adequate nutrition.”

Dale and Linda Bolton have remained independent with no external investments, steadfastly upholding their radical commitment to giving profits away through their social enterprise businesses, Bolton’s Naturals and Natural Calm Canada. Their love for life, people, and the planet continues to grow as they actively pursue adventures and make a significant difference in their late 60s and early 70s.