How do we solve the problem of poverty?

For decades Canadians have been asking this question and courageously committing themselves to living out the answer as best as we can.

But as solutions to the problem multiply, we often end up with the unintended results of duplication, overlapping, working in isolation, reinventing the wheel, or leaving unfilled gaps. Some of us have been so overwhelmed by the problem, we haven’t known where to begin.

Understandably, we do nothing.

What if we had one place where we could collaborate, explore ideas, and share experiences? A place we could all pause, take a step back, and redefine the question?

Ending Poverty Together is that place.

And here, we’re changing the question. Instead of asking how do we solve the problem of poverty, we’re asking, “What is poverty?” Because how the problem is defined determines what the solutions will be.

At Ending Poverty Together, we see poverty emerging where any of the four relationships described on the homepage—God, Self, Others, Creation—are broken.

As Christians, we believe God created a good and harmonious world but human rebellion brought brokenness and evil into it. And this affected everything and everyone on the deepest level. It triggered an endless cycle of poverty.

Today, our broken relationships are in need of reconciliation.

But there’s good news! Through Jesus, God provided healing for our world. As people are reconciled to God, Self, Others, and Creation the bonds of poverty are broken and human flourishing replaces all forms of lack.

As a diverse group of Canadian collaborators, we’ve come together to provide free resources to help you discover spiritual, personal, relational, and environmental healing in your own life and in the lives of those you seek to serve.

Whether you’ve been “in the business” of ending poverty for years, or whether you’ve just started noticing that there might be a problem, you will find support here.

It is our sincere hope that as we reframe the problem, we will each be freed to better participate in living out the solutions together.


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