CareImpact is a national bridge-building charity that helps strangers become good neighbours by connecting and equipping communities to care better together.  
With a focus on healthy Church engagement and collaboration with existing social service providers, CareImpact facilitates ongoing care-sharing opportunities for congregations to relationally respond to families and individuals in their communities, with timely interventions and support.

Three main functions of CareImpact:
  • CarePortal: care-sharing technology that drives action for local families and individuals in crisis.
  • Academy: practical training, resources and consulting for building capacity in the local church to care for their community
  • Journey With Care Podcast:
    • Every Friday: personal stories and honest faith-inspired conversations from across Canada that inspire listeners in loving God, the Church, and their neighbours.
    • Every Monday: (Journey With Prayer) short contemplative prayers and reflections after each Friday’s episode.

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