Ratanak International

Founded in 1990, Ratanak International is a Christian organization that is committed to helping Cambodian men and women experience freedom from exploitation and human trafficking.       

Each year in Cambodia, thousands are trafficked and exploited. Young Cambodian women are lured by the lies of traffickers into forced marriages, sexual exploitation and domestic slavery overseas. Young Cambodian men looking to provide for their families are recruited into modern-day slavery mainly in the fishing and construction industries.

Working in collaboration with other NGOs and Cambodian Government Agencies, we empower vulnerable communities with trafficking prevention training, support women who work in exploitative situations, coordinate a safe way home for trafficking survivors stranded overseas, and provide intensive restorative care for men and women who have survived the horrors of human trafficking. 

There is great hope amidst the deep darkness of exploitation. Join us in championing hope, freedom and dignity for Cambodian trafficking survivors.

Website: www.ratanak.org

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