Crossroads Courses Helped Cameron Grow Spiritually

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Contributed by: Crossroads Prison Ministries

I became a Christian through a couple influences in my personal life. One was my friend Mitchell, and the other was an ex-girlfriend. They both constantly pointed to God’s work in their life, and showed me the infinite ways He is at work in my life as well.

Working through the studies “Great Truths” and “Survey of the Bible” helped me grow spiritually. It helped me set a habit of prayer, and encouraged me to constantly witness to others.

The letters and courses frequently came in the mail to our unit. Other prisoners noticed how often I had “outside mail,” and how I would work in the Bible instead of play cards or waste time on TV. This influenced my Christian identity in our unit.

The program affected me in many ways — more than I can note here. A year ago, if someone told me I’d take the time to fill out this form or write this testimony, I’d have laughed. Not that I didn’t already identify as a Christian, but rather, I was sidetracked and kept the wrong sorts of company.

God has put me in this position, and forced me to depend on Him. I am hugely grateful for that. I owe Him everything.

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the author. Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash.