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Contributed by: Union Gospel Mission

“I grew up in a low-income family, with a stay-at-home mom of four. My father struggled with a drug addiction, which often led us into dangerous situations. There were many times that my family of six slept on the streets, in shelters, and ate at soup kitchens. As a young child, I thought that our life was ‘normal,’ and that other families were going through similar situations. It wasn’t until my mom left my abusive father that I realized it wasn’t normal bouncing from shelter to shelter, and never really having a place to call home. Over the years, I’ve come to terms with my chaotic past. But that hasn’t been without many tears, counseling, and the support of my family.” — Love, Your Neighbour Heydy Lopez⁣

@HeydyLopez_ knows all too well that homelessness and addiction can fray the foundation of a family. But through the rough patches, her mother remained a force and a role model to strive toward—especially when Heydy embraced motherhood at 16. Today, Heydy is a resilient mama bear to three beautiful boys, and a life and style blogger! Heydy has overcome life’s most difficult experiences with tremendous grace and grit—all to inspire other mothers, and to lay down an unwavering foundation in her own home, with her children.⁣

Every day, the painful effects of poverty, homelessness, and addiction extend to a struggling person’s loved ones and to those working to support them —but too often, the conversation doesn’t. It’s time we change that.⁣


Love, Your Neighbour 💌 is a space for you to share your story. With your voice, we can destigmatize the conversation, and learn to love our neighbours with the kind of compassion that changes lives. If poverty, homelessness or addiction has affected your life, leave some encouraging words for those still experiencing this.⁣