Hope. It Happens Here.

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Contributed by: Hope Restored

An “invisible issue,” one that only happens elsewhere – that’s what people tell themselves to feel comfortable in their own community, but sexual exploitation happens here. 

Alice’s story is just one in a garden of many. During her time with Hope Restored, she took art classes for the space to express what she didn’t have words for. There, she found the symbol of her evolution, the rose. 

“When I first got there, I was this dead wilted rose, but as the time went on, I started growing.” She reflected on the transition of her drawings, “I didn’t draw a fully blossomed one, just because I don’t think I’m ever going to be done growing.”

Growth, safety, and healing are all opportunities given by Hope Restored, where we offer safe housing for female-identifying individuals escaping the cycle of exploitation and trafficking. We are a non-profit charitable organization that relies on funding and community support to provide restoration to victims through: 

  • Safe housing
  • Multi-faceted educational and trauma-informed healing programs 
  • Day programs
  • One on one counselling 
  • Skill-building programs for nutrition, hygiene, home maintenance, parenting, community living, and more
  • Cultural education and support for those wanting to reconnect to their culture 

Join us in our mission to eradicate exploitation and trafficking through Holistic Restoration, Outreach, Partnership, and Education.