Kerri Corbett Completes Challenge To Bring Attention To Food Insecurity

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Contributed by: Thrive for Good


Kerri Corbett, Communications Director of Thrive for Good, successfully completed her week-long dietary challenge that shed light on global food security issues and poverty, and she raised over $2,000 along the way.

The initiative, which involved consuming a restricted diet of oatmeal, beans, carrots, rice and noodles, along with water as the sole beverage, provided her with invaluable insights into the challenges faced by marginalized communities worldwide. Living on a meager budget of $2.85 per day, Kerri adhered to a diet limited to a few staple items, with water being her only source of hydration. The experience revealed the stark realities of food insecurity, as she faced numerous physical and emotional hurdles.

“After three days into the challenge, I allowed myself to eat from my small vegetable garden. This represented the transformative difference that Thrive for Good makes by empowering communities with nutritious food gardens,” Kerri said. “The experience was a powerful reminder of how sustainable food sources can impact the lives of vulnerable individuals.”

“I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of what individuals facing food insecurity go through on a daily basis. The challenges I faced during this week were humbling and truly eye-opening,” she said. “Low energy, headaches, hunger pains and the inability to perform regular activities were constant reminders of the difficulties many individuals endure.”

Kerri highlighted the profound impact the limited diet had on her daily life. The lack of energy hindered her ability to perform routine household chores and even engage in physical activities such as playing sports. Hunger pains in the afternoon and evenings became a stark reminder of the privilege of having consistent access to food.

The experience also brought to light the emotional toll of food insecurity. Kerri shared that she often felt disconnected and hesitant to participate in social activities involving food, such as gatherings or visiting grocery stores, where she couldn’t buy the items she was consuming during the challenge.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the challenge for Kerri was the conversations it sparked. “A lot of people were talking about what I was doing and were shocked by the limitations I faced. This dialogue is crucial in raising awareness and fostering empathy,” she said.

As the challenge concluded, Kerri eased back into a regular diet, reflecting on the privilege of having diverse and nutritious food options available. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to gain firsthand insights into the daily struggles faced by those Thrive for Good aims to help.

The experience has further fueled her dedication to Thrive for Good’s mission of empowering individuals with the tools, seeds, and knowledge to secure their food sources sustainably. The charity’s ongoing efforts to combat food insecurity and poverty have been strengthened by Kerri’s commitment and compassion.