Never Too Late to Start Learning

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Contributed by: Yonge Street Mission

Through our work with adults who have grown up with poverty, we have found that one of the major hurdles to a better future is their literacy. We recently created a drop in style program called The Learning Hub to help.

Diane, our Adult Education and Employment Specialist believes that being able to read is the first step to independence, so she places great importance on creating a positive and engaging atmosphere. “Positive experiences in learning are key to keeping people motivated. Our staff and volunteer tutors create an encouraging and fun environment where we are able to work with adults, meeting each person where they are. We go at their pace and keep them accountable to their goals.”

Working on these skills has helped them work toward regaining control over their lives and feel a sense of independence, giving them hope for a brighter future.

*Marlon, a former Evergreen Youth, was working on turning his life around when he first came to The Learning Hub. He had begun attending a local college, but his learning disability made it challenging for him to keep up with his course load. Feeling discouraged, staff and tutors helped bridge the gap, working with him at his pace and encouraging him to meet his goals. Just this past December, he got his first A and is now working with the tutors to study for a major exam.

Marlon is more determined than ever to get a good mark and make it through the program, thanks to you!

*Name and photo have been changed to protect privacy

Photos by Pascal Savarino.


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