Only the Best for the Children of God

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Contributed by: EduDeo Ministries


Your faithful generosity equips teachers to make education the best it can be.

If you were a child at risk in Guatemala, it would be easy to believe what people say. After all, “people think that because the students are at risk, it doesn’t matter what kind of education we give them,” says Alejandra, a Guatemalan educator.

But that’s not what our partner AMG Guatemala says. They want education to be the best it can be.

And we can see that you want that too. In 2023, you made it possible for over 90 teachers in Guatemala to attend trainings and workshops.

At the workshops, they learned conflict resolution styles, new methods for classroom assessment, and ways to integrate the Gospel into the classroom.

And because of that, teachers could give their best to students. Because as Alejandra said, “I think we can give the best for them. They deserve the best because they are children of God.”

Thank you for investing in teachers. Thank you for helping them grow. Thank you for giving the best – your best – to the children of God.



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