Pov.ology – 1. Our Homeless Leader

God, Theology

Contributed by: Pov.ology

Jesus once described himself as homeless. If Jesus lived in poverty and ministered to those in poverty, what implications does that have for Christians today?

Pov.ology is a series of 6 videos discussing poverty, theology, the church, and what it all has to do with the individual Christian. It features interviews with folks like Shane Claiborne, Dr. Ronald J. Sider, Bruxy Cavey, and many more. Check out the complete list of people interviewed in the About section, and check out the promo video below for a taste of what Pov.ology is all about. The entire series and the discussion guide are available to you via digital streaming or download for free. Pov.ology was made in association with New Life Christian Fellowship and the Evangelical Mennonite Conference.