Promote Dignity, Not Degradation

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Define Dignity?

“Dignity is “the quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed


In our introductory training module, we unpack our vision to create a world where humanity is renewed and restored in healthy relationship alongside our mission- to eradicate sexual exploitation through our H.O.P.E. Model (Holistic Restoration, Outreach, Partnership and Education). We do this because we believe in the dignity of all human life as each woman, man and child are created in the image of God and worthy of honor and respect.

We see the opposite of dignity as degradation and frame our perspective through the lens of understanding the full gamut of sexual exploitation that exists alongside and the United Nations’ definition of human trafficking.  



“The degrading of one’s identity and the desensitization of one’s sexuality through demeaning thoughts and misuse of one’s words, that lead to abusive or oppressive actions.

— – Hope Restored Canada’s definition of Degradation


The laws of Canada are in place now to protect the victims or “Survivors” of trafficking and we fully endorse this form of the “Nordic model” as in Canada, buying sex (or attempting to buy sex) is a crime.  Click here to learn more about the laws of Canada. This shift is a clear sign to our nation that treating or using another human being as a slave is wrong. It is taking a stance that commodifying sexuality is degrading and against our stance for freedom and equality for all.

This change comes with some pushback and brings confusion for many who don’t understand the underlying systemic and systematic causes of sex trafficking and exploitation. When we do, we have more of an understanding of the vicious cycle of pimps and buyers preying on the vulnerabilities of others for their personal gain.

Want to learn more?  We encourage you to sign up and download our Introductory Training module 1 as featured online. 

Grateful to join the conversation the slogan “Buying Sex is a Crime” as various anti-trafficking groups joined forces to launch their billboard campaign last summer:

Click here to read more about the Buying Sex is a Crime campaign initiated by Defend Dignity and various organizations across Canada this past summer.  



By inwardly reflecting on how you view people, especially those trapped in slavery, you will grow a deeper understanding of the systemic and systematic root causes of human trafficking and exploitation. We can all do our part to end sexual exploitation in our nation by getting to the care and clearly aligning with the call to promote dignity, not degradation. This journey includes how you view yourself through your own thoughts, words, and actions as it contributes to how you view and treat others.



Do you personally know what it feels like to be degraded or witnessed others being degraded in your personal life? (Whether this is in your past or present, journal or meditate & pray and talk to others about your experiences.)  How do you face those thoughts, words or actions that seek to harm you (or another) to degrade you in any way? Contact us for a list of resources that can assist you in learning more about your true core identity and ways to affirm the truths of who you are, alongside renouncing the lies that degradation and shame seek to rob us of joy, kill our dreams and destroys our hope of being deeply loved, accepted, secure and significant. 

“We are called to have Hope Restored!


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