Stories of Hope Gala with Penny Oleksiak

Creation, Agriculture , Gratitude

Contributed by: Thrive for Good

On September 21, 2023, the Stories of Hope Gala represented a significant step for Thrive for Good, shedding light on their transformative work. This event was all about raising awareness and crucial funds for Thrive’s mission, which revolves around empowering communities through sustainable agriculture and nutrition education.

The gala featured Penny Oleksiak, Canada’s most decorated Olympian, World Champion Swimmer, and Thrive’s esteemed ambassador, whose dedication and commitment to positive change aligned perfectly with Thrive’s core values. Attendees were treated to immersive experiences, donning virtual reality goggles to explore Thrive’s Life Gardens in Kenya. The Green Smoothie Bar allowed guests to taste nutritious drinks at the heart of Thrive’s health programs.

A major highlight of the evening was the silent auction and ticket sales. These contributions will finance the creation of 140 new Life Garden projects, touching the lives of 5,500 more people and promoting self-sufficiency, food security, and community empowerment. The Stories of Hope Gala showcased the power of collective action, illustrating that, with the support of individuals like Penny Oleksiak, founders Dale and Linda Bolton, and sponsors Manrke, Affiniti Wealth, and Presentia, a brighter, healthier future is within reach for communities in need.