The 2023 Global Education Summit

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Contributed by: EduDeo Ministries


Bishop Franco, the General Secretary of Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) Uganda, started his address with these words: “God connects hearts from around the world for one purpose.” 

At the Global Education Summit in October 2023, those words couldn’t have been more true. This wasn’t just a two-week conference. It was a time to bring together 29 leaders from 13 organizations, local Canadian leaders, like-minded organizations, friends of EduDeo, and faithful supporters—all to grow Christ-centred education around the world.

It’s difficult to summarize the Summit’s many impacts, but Bishop Franco’s experience can give you a small snapshot. He and fellow participants travelled to Cairn Christian School in Stoney Creek, Ontario. It was this visit that stood out in his mind as a Summit highlight.

“There was a real sense of belonging, where everybody feels ‘I am part of this community.’ Even the youngest children knows this and says, ‘I want to go to school, I am not scared that there are adults in the school who teach me,’ because they have a sense of belonging.” Because it’s not enough to just put children in a classroom. A classroom has to be a community of Christ. 

So how did this experience impact Bishop Franco’s perspective? He says: “We’re not just here to be informative, but to form character in the children. I want to see a Christ-centered education that will transform Christians who will impact the places where God will send them and eventually be able to transform the nation for Christ.”

Join with us in praying for Bishop Franco’s vision to become a reality! Your ongoing support strengthens him and his peers around the world as they carry on in this kingdom work.



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