The Life Shared Initiative: Who will you invite?

God, Community , Evangelism

Contributed by: Alpha Canada

Imagine what it would look like if every Christian, in every church running Alpha, invited one person they share life with to discover a relationship with Jesus. It would result in a massive step forward in the advance of the gospel in Canada and yet is is a small and achievable goal for every believer.

The Life Shared Initiative is a church-inspired response to the challenges of sharing faith and to mobilize Christians in Canada to invite people in their life to discover a relationship with Jesus. We’re focusing on working with churches across Canada, from Vancouver to St. John’s, with the aim of seeing the whole church, every single person, share life, faith and Jesus with at least one person.

80% of Alpha guests come because they are invited by a Christian they are in relationship with already. We want to support that with new resources to encourage the whole church body to experience the joy of sharing Jesus and seeing friends lives transformed.

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