Transformation Through Life Gardens in India

Creation, Agriculture , Food

Contributed by: Thrive for Good


Over the past couple of years, we have realized that the quickest and most effective strategy to expand our reach is to work with partners already engaged in asset-based community development work.

Partnerships are rare in the charitable sector. There are many challenges with multiple organizations working together. However, we believe that our Strategic Partners initiative is the best way to scale our impact.

Sawm-Inn has supported low fee private Christian schools in Manipur to become Christ centered since 2016 through four key areas of intervention namely (i). Transformation training for school leaders, teachers and students (ii). Community based sports academies (iii). Agri and allied programs and (iv). School transformation loans for infrastructure and Facilities.

At present Sawm-Inn team is working with 180+ schools in seven districts of Manipur. Thrive for Good plans to cover the entire Manipur state and then expand to the rest of the 8 Northeastern states in the future.