Why Choose to Grow Food with Organic Seeds?

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Contributed by: A Rocha

It’s March and I bet you are considering plants and seeds for your garden, as you’re doing that I want to encourage you to choose organic seeds. Why is it important to choose organic seeds, you may ask if you will eventually grow it organically in your community garden? Well, the quick answer is that you are getting better seed, seed that is grown in organic conditions, similar to how you would grow it in your garden plot, and it might even improve your crop success and harvest.

The bigger picture is that when you use organic seeds, you are choosing to support an ecologically thriving food system. Conventional seed growers are not guaranteed to be pesticide and herbicide free since they are focused on growing as many seeds as possible by making it easiest for the plants to do so, which would entail removing pests and weeds quickly. Organic growers take the time to invest in a diverse biological network of pest fighters and weed control.

Sharing seeds at our Community Garden Network Seed Swap 2017.

Not all seeds may be “certified organic” and the best option is to support local growers in your area that work to save seeds, often heirloom and open pollinated. For example, see BC Seed Co-op formed by a group of farmers in British Columbia. Finally, it is harder to find organic hybrid (ex. F1) seeds since two distinct varieties are grown on dedicated plots that allow for desired cross-pollination and selected traits, but here is an example of organic hybrid Kale from Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Companies for reputable seeds across Canada

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