A Community Advocate’s Story

Others, Calling

Contributed by: UrbanPromise Toronto

Damilola, 21 years old, grew up in the Rexdale community and attended Camp Victory when she was 13 years old. She worked as a StreetLeader for 3 years while in high school, then served as Program Director for 2 summers during her enrollment at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. She just completed her 4-year program in a Bachelor of Science and Nursing.

UrbanPromise Toronto has been vital in building me as a StreetLeader. It was a safe space for me to make mistakes and learn and I was introduced to the idea that I could have a personal relationship with God. My leaders went out of their way to have Bible studies with me and answer questions I had about Jesus. I was challenged with new opportunities to grow in my faith and my leadership, providing me with the tools to become confident in who God created me to be and what He has called me to do.

In taking on the role of Program Director, I was excited to learn how to coach, encourage and educate StreetLeaders who were once just like me. I am currently mentoring and discipling two female StreetLeaders, supporting them in homework, post-secondary school applications and scholarships as they navigate through life. I take pride in knowing God is using me as a role model to walk with them in their faith and leadership just as my leaders did for me.

I have always known I wanted to be a nurse. Serving at UrbanPromise Toronto gave me the opportunity to work with various children of differing needs, revealing my true passion for kids. I have decided to specialize in Pediatric Nursing, so I can demonstrate God’s love to children and their families through the quality of my care.

Now that I have my nursing degree, I am stepping into a new season of my career. This summer I am excited about the opportunity to go on my first mission’s trip. I am part of a team serving with Mully Childrens Family to provide Medical, Dental and Optical Services at an orphanage in Kenya.

As I reflect on the influence UrbanPromise Toronto has had on me, I am excited to see what God will do next in my life!