Canadian veggies that go global for good

Creation, Food , Hunger

Contributed by: Fraser Valley Gleaners


When you pick up a vegetable in the supermarket, it’s usually shiny and crisp, a treat for the eyes as well as the stomach! But what happens to all those veggies that may not look perfect, but are still perfectly edible? Here’s an organization that saves that healthy veg from being composted and puts it on the menu as a life-saving entree. For over 20 years, Gleaners societies have been making and packing millions of servings of dried soup mix to ship around the world to help families in crisis!

Join Carl Goosen from Fraser Valley Gleaners and Lindsay Brucks from Food for the Hungry Canada as they discuss the process of turning these seemingly unwanted vegetables that grow in fields right here in Canada into soup that delivers life-saving aid around the world.

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