Telecare Crisis & Caring Line

Telecare Crisis & Caring Line is a non-denominational Christian ministry which offers emotional support through listening, crisis intervention and referrals for anyone who calls during times of crisis or when needing to have someone to talk to. Trained volunteers actively listen to the callers; helping them to explore possible options that may lessen their distress.  Being a Christian ministry the volunteers seek to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ by caringly responding to each person who reaches out for support. Talking about the problem won’t make it disappear, but it can make the burden lighter and can be the first step towards healing.

Calls are kept in strict confidence unless the caller has shared that they intend to harm themselves, others, or if issues of child abuse are indicated.  People call with a variety of issues – relationship problems, loneliness, feeling down and/ or anxious, having panic attacks, being suicidal, experiencing grief and loss, dealing with a mental illness or addiction to name a few of the issues.

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