Canadian Poverty Institute

The Canadian Poverty Institute is an inter-disciplinary institute housed within Ambrose University that seeks to heal poverty through teaching, research and public education.

Our Vision
A compassionate and just society where the material, social and spiritual gifts and needs of all people are realized.

Our Mission
To contribute to the healing of poverty in Canada through teaching, research and public education that informs policy and enhances practice. The Canadian Poverty Institute provides opportunities for students, faculty, non-profit organizations, government, churches and the community to learn about and research poverty, and to discern and share solutions for the betterment of all Canadians.

What We Do
The Canadian Poverty Institute conducts research and teaching that informs public policy and promotes effective practices to prevent and eradicate poverty.
• Research: Faculty and students conduct independent and contracted research on the causes, impacts and solutions to poverty.
• Teaching: Students at Ambrose University have the opportunity to pursue concentrations in Poverty Studies as part of their academic curriculum.
• Public Education: Public learning events and activities increase our collective awareness and understanding of poverty in our communities.

Our Philosophy
The Canadian Poverty Institute believes that poverty must be addressed through the restoration of trust relationships that build resilience by strengthening the bonds of community. It is in the resilience of community that the gifts of all people can be valued and brought into being. We believe that by actively seeking, nurturing and sharing the gifts people hold poverty in all its forms will be eradicated. The Canadian Poverty Institute is grounded in the Christian tradition of extending compassion while seeking justice and reconciliation for the marginalized and oppressed.

For more information, please visit the Canadian Poverty Institute.

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