Chalmers Center

Whether you look across your street or across the ocean, it's not hard to recognize that poverty is one of the biggest problems facing our world today. When we see people living in extreme poverty, we know that’s not how God intended things to be. And we know that as Christians we should do something to help. But what? The last thing anyone wants to do is make things worse. So we often stay stuck, unsure of how to take action. We feel overwhelmed by the complexity of poverty and struggle to help in effective, biblical ways.

Through resources like the bestselling book When Helping Hurts, the Chalmers Center has helped thousands of churches and ministries around the world discover new ways of thinking about poverty, reimagine their role in the Kingdom of God, and build transformational relationships with people in poverty.

Whether you’re just starting out or have walked alongside people who are poor for years, Chalmers can help you discover a better way to love the poor—and gain the skills and confidence you need to start helping.

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