Youth Unlimited (Greater Vancouver)

Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited is a faith-based organization that walks alongside vulnerable youth in the Lower Mainland.  Our committed, caring and genuine relationships with them builds resilience as they face a myriad of challenges such as systemic poverty, broken families, addictions and mental health issues.  We run numerous innovative programs and are at the forefront of preventative youth work in local high schools and learning centres.  “Connecting Youth. Transforming Lives.” Youth Unlimited believes in the unlimited potential of every youth.  For more information, visit

Furthermore, programs such as Street Life in East Vancouver provides a safe mobile drop in space for street-entrenched youth, the Elevation Project, a global partnership with Rwanda Youth for Christ, teaches youth about poverty alleviation, social justice and working alongside other cultures, and MY House in Mission is a daytime refuge where vulnerable youth can access resources that are necessary for their wellbeing.

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